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I write this letter in recommendation of Trevor - Principal Instructor Black Eagle Arnis Escrima (Bayside).I have been involved with Trevor since approximately June 2008.Throughout this period Trevor has provided me training in Black Eagle Arnis Escrima.

This training has consisted of the basics of Black Eagle Arnis Escrima,appropriate Warmups,and relevant safety issues.

Additionally throughout this period of time Trevor has modified the training processes to assist in the recovery of a shoulder injury I had sustained outside of training with Trevor and to assist in management of my ongoing issues with Asthma.

I am happy to testify to the fact that I believe Trevor is a highly skilled confident and capable Coach and trainer. I already have gained much from my interactions with him.

Simon H. Kedron, Qld.


Trevor (Principal Instructor) has been teaching me Black Eagle Arnis Escrima from November 2007 to present.In that time Trevor has taught me  many skills relating to Black Eagle Arnis Escrima.Training to date has covered single stick ,double stick,unarmed combat and physical fitness.Trevor always stresses the importance of a warm-up and starts the classes with gentle joint rotations that end with more dynamic movements.He then progresses with fitness drills designed to mimic actual combat,taxing the lactate/anaerobic energy systems.He does this by utilizing a variety of training apparatus such as focus pads,kick sheilds and punching bags.

The body of the lesson usually incorporates drilling the basics such as footwork and striking.Trevor has taught me fundamental footwork such as the male and female triangle,as well as side stepping for evasion and dropstepping for power.

Lessons also include other basics such as the 12 angles of attack and how they relate to target areas of the body for both offense and defence. He has shown me how to use Arnis sticks to strike the angles with heavy blows,slices and stabs.He has also taught me how to combine footwork with  the 12 angles to open up targets and avoid retaliation.

Trevor constantly stresses the importance of body torque in generating maximum power.To avoid straining your own muscles and joints,Trevor teaches to keep your arms and shoulders relaxed,elbows in and to utilize the core to generate power.He uses the formal exercises of Black Eagle Arnis Escrima to assist in this process.

Trevor has a layered teaching style.He builds the foundation by drilling simple concepts such as the 12 angles of attack,gradually adding complex concepts with the end goal of teaching the subconscious targeting skills and muscle memory.

I feel I have learnt much in the areas of Filipino Martial Arts and practical self defence under Trevors instruction.I have witnessed Trevor's formidable skill in Escrima first hand, and his knowledge of Black Eagle Arnis Escrima is evident both from his coaching technique and teaching style. Despite Trevor's high level of skill he remains a humble man and is a pleasure to train with.I look forward to continual training in Black Eagle Arnis Escrima under Trevor's instruction.

Matthew H. Gold Coast, Qld.

Reference for Trevor - Black Eagle Escrima/Uniflow Self defence system

Trevor has been training our son, Thomas for more than six months in forms of selfdefence. Thomas has no experience, so Trevor spent a considerable amount of time one on one with Thomas which greatly increased both his confidence and skill level to a point where he was able to join in with the group training that Trevor runs.

Since becomeing part of the Black Eagle group Thomas has learnt a huge amount from Trevor which is helping with all levels  of his personal confidence.

Trevor"s patience and ability to relate to all is to be commended, he is able to adapt his training to suit the individual which for Thomas was very beneficial.

I have no hesitation in recommending Trevor to any parent or prospective trainee in his group, he is a pleasure to know and both my husband and I are truly grateful for the assistance Trevor has given Thomas which has helped him grow as an individual.

I look forward to Thomas's continued training under Trevor's guidance as I know there is so much Trevor can teach Thomas.


Joanne F - Redlands Qld

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