Bayside Selfdefence club

Black Eagle Arnis Escrima,Universalflow self defence systems


The club was established to practice the art of Basic Self defense and Arnis Eskrima with a view of introducing others to its uniqueness.

Simplicity,instinctive reaction and a"DO NOT QUIT RESOLVE" are key outcomes pursued by the practitioners.

This is inline with the teachings of the instructor's Mentor&Coach Grand Master Carlos Navarro

The instructor is experienced and  proficient in the Martial Arts, particularly with the core system the club utilizes: "BLACK EAGLE ARNIS ESKRIMA" he has the required certification to teach this.

 The experience, knowledge in other systems of Martial Arts coupled with Sports Coaching, supplement and value add his current training methods.

To strengthen the framework of the club and quality assurance, the Instructor is an accredited level three Martial-arts/Sport Coach, current Senior First aid certified with a current child safety (Qld) Blue card, Rock & Water workshop facilitator, and has attained a Certificate IV TAE  Training  - Education.

Universalflow selfdefence system.

This system was established as a creative facility that can be utilized anywhere as a way that recognizes ones innate ability to utilize the body's natural movement as an effective offensive,defensive tool whilst engaged in combat or as a means of providing an escape. This system recognizes that  physical encounters are thrust with chaos of any kind - therefore awareness of self and environment are to the fore with a choice based on a reaction to maximize survival at all costs, even if it meant being humiliated in the face of provocation - as " There are no winners only survivors!"The system draws on elements of Boxing,Thai boxing,Military close combat,Submission wrestling,Arnis Eskrima,Aikido,Judo, Jujitsu, Silat and any other element one develops through training,it does not distinguish as to who is superior , seeks equality and empowers practitioners to believe in their own natural ability.


Major Principles of Black Eagle Arnis Escrima & Uniflow Self defence systems 

  • The Instructor  teaches emptyhands and weaponry as an integrated format where one goes with the other and the weapon is always an extension of the emptyhand.
  • Always try to minimise engagement through dialogue and better choices.If engaged in combat turn defence into attack and vice versa using skills learnt and tools available to nullify threat and stabilize situation.
  • Keep the elemant of surprise as your strength.
  • When engaged in combat defend oneself with blade awareness.
  • With combat there are no winners only survivors.
  • Be merciful to all human beings and maintain selfcontrol,calmness and a presence of mind in any situation one may be confronted with.This can be developed and tested in the training and discipline of Black Eagle Arnis Eskrima & Uniflow Selfdefence systems.
  • Environmental (spatial) awareness.
  • Don't quit.

          These are the major principles that the Instructor employs in his teachings and training.

          Students are taught that the fundamental of Black Eagle Arnis Eskrima is the;

         "Swiftness in Bodymovement,"like the arms and legs and the "Sharpness of our eyes,"

          this will help us to defeat our opponent soundly and completely whilst maintaining a balanced disposition

          during the confrontation.

The club fosters and has a strong connection with the Black Eagle Arnis Escrima Grand masters current in CEBU PI this is ongoing with the aim of  further strengthening and continuing Manong Carlos's Legacy. 

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